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Join the uprising to denounce Twitter CEO @Jack for silencing the Health Ranger and acting like a techno-fascist

Monday, February 25, 2019 by

#FascistJack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has now banned the @HealthRanger channel for nearly two weeks even though we tweeted absolutely nothing in violation of Twitter’s policies. Utterly without providing any justification or reason, Twitter CEO #FascistJack Dorsey (@Jack) proves that the radical Left is a lawless cartel of techno-fascists who selectively silence the voices they don’t want you to hear.

Just like we have a two-tiered justice system in America where Democrats go free for treason while Trump associates are raided at gunpoint for mis-remembering something, we also have a two-tiered speech system in America. In that system, only obedient, conformist liberals are allowed to speak. Independent thinkers, journalists and Trump supporters are silenced by the thousands in order to protect weak-minded Leftists from fresh ideas that challenge their snowflake safe spaces.

All this week, Natural News fans and Health Ranger fans are invited to tweet the tag “#FascistJack” across Twitter and denounce the unjustified, punitive banning of the @HealthRanger account. Here are some Twitter accounts that can be addressed in your tweets:




Be sure to use the tag #FascistJack in your tweets to let Twitter know that Jack’s grotesque fascism and “online book burning” isn’t getting a free pass.

Jack Dorsey is a “speech supremacist” and an “idea bigot” whose reckless actions represent a real danger to any free society.

Twitter has also banned Laura Loomer and Alex Jones, by the way, along with literally thousands of other conservative, pro-Trump, pro-America channels over the last two years. It is this kind of “online ethnic cleansing” that now typifies Twitter, YouTube, Google and Facebook, a criminal cabal of techno-fascists who function as un-elected authoritarian bullies to silence conservative or independent voices.

Techno-fascism has reared its ugly head in America, and Jack Dorsey it exactly what it looks like. (Read for daily updates on the pure evil being committed by Twitter, Apple, Google, Facebook and YouTube.)

The ultimate BULLY: Jack Dorsey answers to no one, offers zero transparency and silences anyone he targets

Think about how dangerous people like Jack Dorsey are to Democracy and freedom in general. He’s a “billionaire bully” who was never elected, answers to no one, offers exactly zero transparency about his censorship process, yet has the monopoly power to silence anyone he targets, for any reason.

The fact that people like Jack Dorsey exist in our society with this much monopoly power is a threat to human freedom and the civil rights of all people. Dorsey’s behavior exhibits the traits of a sociopathic super-villain, a kind of “Dr. Evil” who seeks domination over all the world’s words and thoughts. What’s just as disturbing is the fact that no one seems to be willing to stop him. If there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the past couple of years, it’s that if evil isn’t stopped, it will continue to encroach upon our liberties and values.

The simple fact that Jack Dorsey is more than happy to weaponize his monopoly power and abuse it to silence his political enemies is proof that Jack Dorsey must be stopped. Jack Dorsey is an online “serial killer” of good ideas, carrying out the coordinated mass murder of online voices that he personally doesn’t like. These are the actions of a highly disturbed, morally-vacuous individual suffering from a dangerous God complex and intense hatred for basic human rights.

In my view, #FascistJack should be arrested and charged with RICO Act racketeering and gross violations of anti-trust law. After all, under the authoritarian hand of Jack Dorsey, Twitter has become an online racket that selectively censors the speech of conservatives, Christians and patriots. If anyone other than a Leftist attempted to carry out such a gross violation of basic civil rights in America, they would be criminally indicted.

Jack Dorsey should apologize to the Health Ranger for his brazen censorship of important voices

Be sure to tweet @Jack and let him know he’s not getting away with silencing the Health Ranger. Demand our accounts be reinstated and that Jack Dorsey apologize for attempting to suppress the speech of the Health Ranger and other important, independent voices that have extremely valuable knowledge and analyses to contribute to the public space.

This attack on the freedom to think cannot go unanswered. Under the fascist rule of Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gone from “the free speech wing of the free speech party” to the Fourth Reich of Techno-Fascism. While Adolf Hitler burned books, Jack Dorsey shuts down entire channels, blocking any discussion at all.

Dangerous fascists like Jack Dorsey believe that the freedom to speak must only be allowed for those with whom he personally agrees. This is precisely what Adolf Hitler believed, and it’s exactly what is practiced today in communist China, where Twitter’s censorship policies would feel right at home to the enslaved, surveiled masses who have been living under techno-tyranny for many years now. Is Jack Dorsey’s hero Chairman Mao?

It begs the question: Are we going to let communist-sympathizing Jack Dorsey silence the great voices of America? Is this acceptable in our society now, to just lay down and surrender to online speech tyranny carried out by deranged left-wing lunatics who quite literally hate their own country but love the tyranny of Red China? (Which, by the way, enables the government there to carry out secret arrests and organ harvesting of anti-government dissidents.)

Hell no. It’s time to denounce Jack Dorsey, fight back against Twitter, demand a platform for speech and continue to pursue alternatives that may ultimately make Twitter obsolete. In the mean time, let’s continue to call for the FTC and DOJ to pursue criminal charges against Twitter and its rogue, lawless CEO Jack Dorsey, for violating the civil rights of millions of Americans while running an online racketeering censorship scheme to enrich himself at the expense of everyone else. is launching soon

Beyond merely complaining about the massive, dangerous censorship of the left-leaning techno-fascists, we are in the process of launching a new online organization that respects the free speech of everyone, including Leftists, conservatives, Christians and LGBT community members as well.

That organization is called, and it is organized as a project branch of an existing 501(c)3 non-profit. We’ll have more details soon. The OCR will seek to organize class action lawsuits against tech companies like Twitter.

We are currently scouting for legal representation, so if you know law firms that wish to organize large-scale lawsuits against Twitter for its outrageous, discriminatory censorship of conservative voices, please send them our way.

We can help organize hundreds of independent publishers who have been demonetized, blacklisted, shadow-banned and de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google and other techno-fascist platforms run by authoritarian lunatics of the Left.

In the mean time, read more about Jack Dorsey at the upcoming website (launching soon)


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