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06/03/2019 / By News Editors

A look at the history of U.S. Antitrust Law and how it applies to Big Tech. (Article by Greg Reese

05/16/2019 / By JD Heyes

For more than a year, the social media behemoths have been testing POTUS Donald Trump’s patience with their shadow banning,

05/11/2019 / By News Editors

Twitter suspended David Horowitz from the Freedom Center on Tuesday. Horowitz was the latest conservative banned or suspended by the far left media

05/08/2019 / By Mike Adams

It’s time to name the new enemies of humanity and demand that all humanitarian nations of the world work together

05/07/2019 / By News Editors

Google, Facebook and Twitter are private companies, so the constitutional guarantees of free speech generally do not apply to people

05/06/2019 / By Mike Adams

The extreme censorship of the tech giants now being deployed against conservatives, Christians, “anti-vaxxers” and gun owners is just the

05/06/2019 / By JD Heyes

For those of you who have been following the progressively authoritarian nature of the major social media platforms, you were

05/06/2019 / By JD Heyes

As readers of our news network are aware, Facebook  and FB-owned Instagram took the extreme measure of banning “far-Right” figures

05/04/2019 / By JD Heyes

Without warning, Facebook on Thursday unilaterally banned several people from its platform that the speech Nazi has deemed “controversial” and,

05/02/2019 / By Mike Adams

URGENT VIDEO UPDATE: (watch video below) Facebook and the left-wing media have unleashed a coordinated, new assault on conservative speech,

04/27/2019 / By JD Heyes

If you’re a supporter of POTUS Donald Trump and you’ve been patiently waiting for him to launch a legal and

03/31/2019 / By Ethan Huff

Comedy, as explained by renowned comedian Owen Benjamin, has long been the “balancing counterweight of society.” But ever since leftists

03/23/2019 / By News Editors

As Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives becomes ever more flagrant and overt, the old arguments about protecting the sanctity of

03/22/2019 / By Mike Adams

If you told me five years ago that I would wake up one day in America and have Facebook, YouTube,

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