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Fake news: MarketWatch’s claims that Alex Jones was successfully sued for defamation and that he authored book on Sandy Hook are massive lies

Thursday, June 20, 2019 by

On Tuesday the website MarketWatch ran an Associated Press story with this headline and subhead: “Father of Sandy Hook victim wins defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones; Alex Jones is the host of the conspiracy-driven Infowars website and wrote a book titled, ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.’”

Both of those statements are out-and-out lies.

First, a short review. You may recall that in December 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, shot and killed more than two dozen people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. For years, the Left has accused Jones of exploiting the incident with ‘conspiracy theories’ aimed at undercutting the narrative about what happened.

And granted, there is a book titled, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” which proffers that there were many “crisis actors” who took part in the incident at the school, and that the event was staged as a false flag event to push for more gun control.

And yes, Jones is being sued for reporting that was tied to the Sandy Hook shootings. 

But no, Jones hasn’t been successfully sued yet. And he was not the one who wrote the book, he says, which was edited by Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek. In fact, according to the publisher’s website, there are a dozen contributors to the 455-page book.

The AP noted in its report, which MarketWatch published: “A judge in Wisconsin on Monday issued a summary judgment against authors James Fetzer and Mike Palacek.”

So, why the misleading (fake news) headline? Why follow it up with a story that so obviously contradicts the headline?

It gets worse. In addition to the fake news about the defamation victory and Jones being the author of the Sandy Hook book, the talk show host noted on his program Wednesday that other reports claim Jones sent the families of the Sandy Hook victims “child porn.” (Related: Same left-wing news media that claimed Alex Jones spread fake news about Sandy Hook school shooting is now itself spreading fake news to CAUSE a school shooting.)

Who’s going to be next?

As Infowars noted, the fake stories were among Twitter’s top-trending reports on Tuesday: 

MarketWatch’s article was subsequently picked up by Twitter’s trending algorithm and appeared for users searching the term “Alex Jones.” 

While the mistake may have been in earnest, MarketWatch’s headline gives readers the impression Jones lost his landmark Sandy Hook trial, which made headlines over the weekend after Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis explained the FBI was investigating the source of child porn embedded in spam emails turned over by Infowars for discovery.

“I’m living in a Twilight Zone,” Jones said Wednesday. 

“Forget Rod Serling being able to come up with stuff,” Jones continued, referencing the host of the famed 1950s sci-fi TV series. 

Last week, reports noted that Jones offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could identify who placed child porn on his company’s web hosting servers after a “malware” attack. At this point, it’s not clear who sent it or how it got on his servers.

However, attorney Robert Barnes, who is working with Jones, said that The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among others, also put out ‘false and misleading’ headlines regarding the Jones/Sandy Hook story — “headlines they knew were false,” Barnes said in an interview with the talk show host.

He added that “the core of their stories revealed” that the headlines were false, as was the case in the MarketWatch/AP story.

But “particularly egregious,” he said, was the fact that in the case of the Times and the WSJ, the fake headlines were posted on subscriber-only stories, so the vast majority of people couldn’t see that they were misleading because they were behind paywalls. 

The deep state is gunning for Alex Jones, that much is obvious. But if he can be ‘eliminated,’ so, too, can scores of other independent journalists.

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